I like to write things down, even it is just my own eyes that are touched by the words. The enjoyment stems as much from the process – infuriating though it can be – as the final product. The chance to reminisce, to dream, to concoct, to vent. The challenge of transferring the swirling thoughts and discombobulated words of my brain into coherence and – possibly – mild entertainment.

My subject is often travel as this neatly encompasses multiple passions: the act itself, the act of capturing moments on film, and the act of reliving and retelling through words. Plus, the mind can travel even when the body does not!

A to Z

In 2013 (and drifting into 2014), I decided to write something about a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. One of those vaguely new year related objectives stemming from a brief period of relative quietness. The process was challenged somewhat by embarking on an epic trip across Australia for some of that year and extending this sojourn towards Europe. But from a quiet leafy room in Canberra, to the front of a car in the Australian outback, and onto a sun-filled veranda in Spain, the words variably flowed and trickled.

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12 months

In 2015, I initiated a new project which may or may not have been triggered  by the turning of the year. This time, to write something about each month of the year, which will likely heavily rely on the contrasts between the northern and southern hemispheres, between the old and the new.

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The Green Bogey Down Under

While not solely generated by the turn of a year and the desire to write self-indulgent and verbose articles about random things, The Green Bogey Down Under nonetheless has involved a lot of writing! It started in 2006, as I moved to Australia and figured it would be easier to do one of these new-fangled ‘blog’ things than send boring emails with massive file-sized image attachments that everyone else was doing to me. The aim was, in part, to keep family and friends informed of my whereabouts and hope to rub their noses in it by showing pictures of beautiful beaches, colourful wildlife, and immaculate coffee.

Why the Green Bogey? Well, there’s actually a bit of history here (circa 1992-3?), stemming from the first four page amateur and adolescent ‘fanzine’ sent to my brother when he was at university. The inside of my English exercise book was pulled out and adorned with words and scribbles largely (but not exclusively) focused on happenings in Plymouth and amongst its premium football team…Plymouth Argyle. A team who play in green. Hence, the Green Bogey I guess.

Not much mention is made of Devon’s greatest football team these days, but a piece of my heart is still in the Mayflower Terrace, cloaked in a splendid blanket of janner humour and abuse (which often emerges in the same sentence). Come on you greens!

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