I live. I travel. I take pictures. I write about things.

gbpilgrim offers a home for a hopeless wanderer to regurgitate memories, present factoids, and indulge in mild rants. You could say the content is predominantly travel-based, but not in the guidebook style in which I implore you to stay in a particular hostel where you can save $1 by sleeping under a fat German’s bed. Instead, I mean to convey something about the sense and mood of time and place, as well as cataloging my life in a simple way for friends and families, strangers, voyeurs, Russian mafia, security agencies and Google to absorb. I aim to please.

Much of the focus is on life in Australia, as a Englishman at heart. However, you may come across occasional harmless adventures in such places as the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.

A little bit of history

gbpilgrim may have exploded onto the scene in 2013. Instead it entered a world in which billions of words litter millions of similar pages and quickly became overwhelmed by much more popular articles like The Top 19 Things You Could Do With A Stick Of Spaghetti and Best Lady Gaga Meat-Based Pants Pictures.

It emerged as one of those new year “projects” that we engage in to generate some purpose and sense of worth. A spin off from The Green Bogey and Green Bogey Down Under (see more below), I endeavoured to produce 26 articles during an assorted journey from A to Z, reflecting on past moments of delight and despair, people and places.

I made it to Zzz in early 2014 and then had a nap.

With 2015 emerging, time was ripe for another self-indulgent writing project. This time a foray through the 12 months of the year with a northern and southern hemisphere perspective, one which is pertinent across many of my thoughts and deeds.

I also decided in 2015 to incorporate my other blog onto here, in one of those fanciful efficiency drives that ends up creating ten times as much work. Thus the Green Bogey Down Under has become a further member of the family, string to the bow, chicken drumstick in a bargain bucket. The Green Bogey Down Under originated in 2006, when I moved to Australia and decided to set up a blog to make people in the UK jealous. Before that, The Green Bogey has a celebrated history, involving inane correspondence from me to my brother when we were both much younger.

Note: gbpilgrim is not a religious site, neither is the Green Bogey a forum for long-suffering people with sinusitis

Actually, both names stem in part from the best football team in Devon and possibly the entire southwest of England (if you don’t consider Bristol – which is practically London – to be in the southwest). Plymouth Argyle F.C. wear green and are known as The Pilgrims. I hope, despite being something of a wanderer with awful rising intonation (thanks, Australia), that the biting sarcasm twinned with a sense of awe gleaned from cold nights stood in the Mayflower Terrace still pervades my writing.

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And I made it onto Instagram, mostly taking pictures of trees by the looks of it: http://instagram.com/neiliogb/



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